Raila Accuses Government of Assault on Multi-partism

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition have accused the Kenya Kwanza government, says the government is disrespecting the autonomy of political parties within the country.

The Azimio team led by Raila Odinga, on Wednesday 10 May, referenced to the letter that was written by a portion of Jubilee headed by Kanini Kega, which demanded for inclusion in the Bipartisan dialogue expected to happen.

The letter that received handful backup from UDA party, threatened to seek court intervention should the Jubilee party’s request to be included in the bipartisan talks fail to be considered.

Odinga, who sold courage to Azimio supporters, said Kenya Kwanza is sponsoring the whole idea with a goal to cripple the talks from commencing. He added that, respect to the autonomy of political parties is one of the agendas in the expected bipartisan talks and failure to consider that, might prove costly to the government.

Kenya Kwanza is clearly working through its hired backers to scuttle the talks or cripple them through endless litigation. These games could prove extremely costly.” Said Odinga

He added:

Kenya Kwanza must take a final notice from us that they risk scuttling a very serious national agenda through shortsighted intransigence, dishonesty and a game of musical chairs.”

Odinga finally, reiterated that Azimio’s decision to have a bipartisan talk with the government is not a consequence of fear but their willingness to arrive into the nation’s stability.


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