Raila Tells Ruto To Stop Tearing Part The Opposition

President William Ruto has been urged by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to uphold multiparty democracy if he wants to put an end to large-scale demonstrations.

It is the most recent of his demands that he make of the head of state in anticipation of any potential for “serious negotiations.” Raila charged Ruto with “dismembering the opposition” in a Monday night interview with the BBC by luring lawmakers from the Azimio party over to the Kenya Kwanza.

“Mr. Ruto needs to stop speaking disparagingly of the opposition. He had barged into the adversary. The majority of the county assembly members, senators, governors, and members of the National Assembly were all part of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya “stated Raila.

“But as soon as he was crowned the victor, he started the process of essentially destroying the rivals. Voting alongside Mr. Ruto now are those who ran on Azimio’s ticket in the election “said he.

The demand that Ruto uphold multiparty democracy is an addition to the first three demands, which served as the main inspiration for the call for widespread protest. This entails launching the servers of the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission, postponing the IEBC’s unilateral reconstitution, and decreasing cost of living.

At a press conference on March 23, Raila stated, “Our answer to the clergy is in the gospel, I want to paraphrase John 8:32 – Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

As for the President, he has stated that he is open to dialog with everybody in the nation as long as it is done legally.

“If we are talking about the future of our nation in a constitutionally-legal manner, I’m willing to engage with any leader. Nonetheless, I won’t engage in anarchy, and you won’t issue us with threats of disruption and ultimatums, “On March 19, the President spoke at a prayer gathering at the Kapsabet Fair in Nandi County.


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