Raila Launches Mass Action Against Ruto’s Government After 14-Day-Ultimatum Collapses

Azimio la Umoja camp headed by Raila Odinga, has on Thursday afternoon, officially launched mass action against President William Ruto’s government.

While addressing the press in Nairobi, Raila announced commencement of mass action that according to him, begins immediately after his press conference.

This comes after issuing 14-days ultimatum for the Kenya Kwanza government to respond to their grievances failure to which, they threatened to give the people power to take action.

During the Azimio press conference, Raila Odinga gave weight to issues currently compressing lives of the great people of Kenya including; high cost of living, high taxation, illegal reconstitution of IEBC commissioners and importation of GMO maize.

The above reasons are what the opposition gave to be prompting mass action.

Starting today and now, we hereby declare the official start of countrywide mass action. These are the reasons for, High cost of living in Kenya. Over-taxation by this regime killing our taxes. 3 The importation of GMOs by Ruto and company to make Kenyan slaves, Ruto must go for this reason.” stated Raila as Ruto must go chants rent the air.

Further, Raila cited a threat imposed on the democracy of this nation by President Ruto’s regime.

Concerning the matter, Azimio through Narc-Party Leader Martha Karua, also announced the official launch of Movement for Defence of Democracy against Ruto’s alleged illegitimate regime.

Kenya Kwanza regime is dangerous and must go. It imposed itself on the people of Kenya and heartlessly made life unbearable for Kenyans by removing subsidies for food, fuel, and even education. We demanded that subsidies must be returned and taxes brought down. We said that if this is not met, we will launch the Movement for Defence of Democracy against Ruto’s illegitimate regime.” She added.

Kalonzo on the other end, addressed on the the topical issue covering on appointment of IEBC selection committee.

On the matter, the Wiper party leader Mr Musyoka said Ruto has gone against their objections and this also calls for mass action.

He said:

We are today invoking provisions of our 2010 constitution which says the power belongs to the people. We are launching a massive peaceful movement against the illegitimate and ruthless Kenya Kwanza regime. The people are now taking back their power, it is now action time


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