Man Loses Brother After Inviting a Kisumu Witch doctor in Attempt to Recover Lost Motorbike

Embu-based family at the mourning moments following mysterious death of their member this afternoon.

The said dead man succumbed shortly after his own brother sought help from a Kisumu-based witchdoctor in an attempt to recover his stolen motorcycle.

As reported by the area police from Embu, the witchdoctor identified as Collins Kech was invited to come and help in recovering the lost asset.

Thereafter, he gave strict instructions to the family members of Mr Daniel Ireri. Collins Kech insisted that the family must follow the instructions for their wellbeing.

As for the group that was present during the performance of the magics, no one was allowed to take alcohol. Neither was anyone allowed to leave the place untill it’s exactly 2.36pm; three hours after the performance of the magics.

David Ngare, who is the brother to Daniel, unknowingly left his home prompting Daniel to go and look for him in an attempt to help him not to fall a victim of disobedience.

During the process, Mr Daniel saw a strange man on the said motorcycle.

The stranger happened to have been clearly known to David (the deceased?

Contrary to the instructions, David Ngare left home without notice. His brother Daniel went out to look for him and in the process he saw a man unknown to him riding the motorcycle and it emerged that the rider was known to David (the deceased).

David in the company of his friends, were later found at the nearby market in their natural suits.

This stirred up concerns from family members who re-invited the witchdoctor for intervention.

Unfortunately, all the attempts made to rescue David’s situation proved futile even after settling all the huge amount that the witchdoctor demanded for the intervention to be made.

He finally made his last breath.

The police in Embu are investigating the mysterious death of David.


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