Alarm As 194 People In Mandera Contract Cholera

Since the disease was discovered on January 14 during a count, at least 194 people have contracted cholera.

Mandera town, according to health experts, was most severely affected. At the town’s cholera treatment center, some 48 patients are receiving care.

According to Mr. Abukar Abdi Sheikh, the county head officer for health, “We have continued to register cases and at this time we have 48 instances being managed at the treatment center, but all are in stable condition.”

He refuted claims that a pupil had died from the illness on Sunday. Eight pupils from Moi Girls, a local national school, were admitted on Friday, according to him, and they are doing well in their treatment.

“Our hospital has not lost any patients. Before the problem spreads to other towns in the county, we are making every effort to control it, he said.

Amina Wako, the principal of Moi Girls School, stated that the girls reported to school unwell when she confirmed their enrollment.

“We have pupils who came here last week but were ill; they are receiving cholera treatment. From their homes, they brought the disease, according to Ms. Wako.

Ms. Wako claimed that the school was safe because all essential precautions had been taken.

“All of our water sources have been purified, and the school has implemented all necessary hygienic measures,” she stated.

According to Mr. Sheikh, the county health officials have maintained their public education program in Mandera. In order to continue with our efforts for water treatment and public awareness, we have ordered the closure of all food kiosks and food hawking in the town, he stated. He said that case management had been stepped up and that his team had kept all the necessary medical supplies at their disposal.

He requested the national government to include Mandera in the recently initiated oral cholera vaccination campaign. Early signs of cholera infection include excessive watery diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, loss of skin elasticity, dry mucous membranes, low blood pressure, thirst, cramping of the muscles, and agitation or restlessness.

Although the infection is mostly minor or symptomless, it can occasionally be serious and life-threatening. The greatest cholera outbreak in 2016 occurred in Mandera County, when at least 19 people died and 1200 were infected. That pandemic lasted for 17 months.


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