Bahati’s Producer Mesesi-31 Off the Market, Engages His 46-Year-Old Girlfriend

31-year old Bahati’s Producer going by the name Mesesi, has finally announced that he is engaged to his 46-year old girlfriend, Judy Lesta.

The EMB records’ man behind the keyboard and strings of guitar, took his pride to his social media account saying love has finally won.

His heart that had never trusted love, finally admitted love exists after being pampered at the dating zone by Judy Lesta who is currently a mother of three.

Despite hinting that love failed in his previous attempts, Mesesi had his four chamber heart engulfed and sealed upon finding Judy the woman he describes to be his true soulmate.

“I have never presented a woman in my life. This I felt because of the things she has done in my life she is respectful and I know people will talk because she is older than me.” Said Mesesi.

As far as age factor is concerned, Judy being 15-years older than her toy husband, Mesesi proudly promised never to give an ear to critics but to instead be there for her brand new wife

Speaking concerning Judy’s three children, Mesesi said he has been able to interact with them.

Also, he himself has a daughter who he confirmed to have had sired during his days back in campus.

Judy Lesta on her side, values and gives high rate to Mesesi for his unconditional love. She promised to always respect her only man that God created for her as well as always being there by his side.

She wrote back, “@ayomesesi1 Always always I’ll be greatfull for the love. You are the man I’ll love and respect am yours now officially engaged to you. Love wins..its a new journey.”


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