Raila Odinga Launches A Youth Movement To Counter Government

Opposition chief Raila Odinga in his continued dismissal of Ruto’s Government has launched a deadly youth movement dubbed ‘movement for defence of democracy’ to counter the Government.

During his most recent rally at Kamukunji grounds in Kibra, Odinga paraded a number of youth dressed in complete military combat in an affair alleged to be aimed at taking on the Government head on.

Analysts however argue that such a move could be very dangerous for the stability of a country especially when such a movement decided to go head to head with the sitting Government.

Similar moves have wrecked havoc in several African countries. In Uganda ,Joseph Kony started a rebel movement of child soldiers named the Lord’s resistance army, establishing a battle that went for quite long causing prolonged instability in the country.

In Libya, the case of rebel forces against the Government forces that caused instability are clearly worthy of noting.

South Sudan rebel forces led by riek machar has been in constant confrontations with the government forces of Salva Kiir leading to soo much instability in the youngest nation of the east african community.

Such movements have been seen to camouflage to rebels that end up brushing shoulders with the sitting Governments in many countries that only lead to destabilized Governments.

Raila Odinga addressing a congregation at a rally.

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