Kenyatta Hospital Separates Four-Month-Old Siamese Twins Successfully

On Sunday, a set of conjoined twin brothers from Bungoma County who were four months old were successfully separated by the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The kids were united at the chest and abdomen, according to Dr. Joel Lesann, a consultant pediatric surgeon at the hospital, who was speaking to the media on Monday. This signified that they needed help breathing.

Although each had a heart, they were all contained in the same chamber in the chest, he said. “They were sharing one liver.”

One of the twins had several cardiac nodes, and the other had a huge number of unusual blood veins coming from the heart. Lesann clarified that the boys shared muscles and skin as a result of the connecting in the abdomen. The cardiology team’s additional investigation revealed that one of the children had pulmonary hypertension, which means that a lot of blood was passing through their lungs, he continued.

He added that they were able to control the blood pressure, but that the condition required hastened operation. Lesann continued by saying that because of the nature of the connection, the infants were immediately brought to the High Dependency Unit. According to him, the process in these situations entails assessing the patients and conducting in-depth examinations to determine how they were co-joined. This aids in the separation of the surgeons’ and pediatrics’ charts.

“Our neonatology unit received the children when they first arrived here, and had to stabilize and care for the babies before the inquiry began,” he said.

According to the surgeon, the inquiry revealed that they required assistance breathing, which led to their admittance to the HDU.


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