Esther Musila Hits Back on Eric Omondi’s Blame of Society Rottenness on Kenyan Gospel Artists

Esther Musila, Guardian Angel’s wife has subtly slapped Eric Omondi following the comedian’s claim that gospel artists from Kenya are to blame for the rottenness in the society.

According to the Kenya’s award winning comedian hours ago, the dubbed gospel artists in the country have proven beyond reasonable doubt to be peripherally immoral.

He quoted several big names in the industry like Daddy Owen, Jimmy Gait, Mr Seed among others while asking them to return to God.

For controversial categories like Bahati and Willy Paul, he linked them with highest degree of rottenness above the standards of those that declared themselves to be secular artista from the word go.

However, Guardian Angel’s wife Mrs Esther Musila told off Eric’s claims terming action of the funnyman to be for busybodies who only protrude noses into people’s lives to extract gossips.

She quoted the Scripture that terms Eric Omondi as being an idle man who runs away from responsibilities to work only to look for negative issues from people within their surroundings.

Scripture says that busybodies are idle people who are neglecting their work and go around looking for negative things in people around them, often to share with others as gossip.” She wrote.

Esther Musila’s words sound to be defensive of gospel singers in the country, and of course her husband is one.


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