Liz Sonia Launches New Accusation Against Baby Daddy Mr Seed

Mr Seed’s baby mama Liz Sonia has yet again launched a new accusation against him concerning child irresponsibility.

The brand new accusations comes few weeks after the Kovu actress Mrs Liz Sonia took into public display, the hardship she encounters on the journey of co-parenting their son.

This time, the mother of a 7-year old boy told the public that Mr Seed is an extreme stingy man whose pockets are guarded tightly.

According to her, Mr Seed only gives out little after a serious demilitarized confrontation between them.

She specified that her baby daddy only pays school fees, something that he does untimely.

Sonia also accused Mr. Seed of habitually projecting their relationship problems to her mother. That her baby daddy never faces her in person to sort out the issues rising between them.

While making her lamentations, she threatened to consistently unveil henceforth every form of irresponsibility depicted in Mr Seed, saying she is now tired of being understanding mother.

Dear baby daddy, I’m tired, I have been the most understanding baby mama on this planet but for the last seven years, you have done nothing but drain me. You never there physically, but we got used to it, so that’s for Junior to decide when he grows up.” She said.


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