2-Royal Prominent Kenyan Ladies Who Are Still Single Ahead of 2023 Valentine’s Day

While some ladies are fasting day and night in the churches for their soulmates, to quiet a large number of prominent ladies, their time is not right.

In fact, some of them are not bothered by the scary menopause that catches up with this gender at late 40s. Perhaps their goal in life is not to sire.

Based on this piece, the following two famous Kenyan beautiful ladies are still enjoying single-hood; not wanting to hear a roaring deep voice of man close under their roofs.

Charlene Ruto

She just acquired the honorary privilege of being the first daughter of the republic of this great country.

As the sun continues to rise and set, Charlene has accumulated 3 birthdays; celebrating her 30th womb escape day just a few months ago. She however is on the radar of many potential suitors locally and intentionally.

Lately, funnyman MCA Tricky while cracking ribs at Churchill show in Eldoret, showed his interest in bringing Charlene under his tether.

“Mkinionea yule msichana anaitwa Charlene Ruto mniambie. Nikipata Charlene Ruto leo, namuoa jana. Imagine nikumuoa, atakuwa hapa kama First Lady na mimi niko hapo kama first of all. Yaani Charlene ni bibi yangu, nikiingia State House kila kitu ni mzuri,” he said while making the crowd burst into loudest laughter of all time, with tears of joy flooding mnay faces of intendants.

The legends of love understand that men have different styles of casting their nets onto the waters, and for MCA Tricky, his application might be the next to be verified at the statehouse panel.

Who and where is the man that will finally slide her into a man’s love circle still remains to be the puzzle.

Winnie Odinga

She is Raila Odinga’s apple of eye. Prior to the August 9 elections, Winnie who also the EALA MP had plans to wed on the State House lawn if her father won the election.

This dream seemingly shuttered into very tiny pieces following the narrow loss of Raila’s bet on 2022 Presidency. If failing to meet a dream breaks hearts, then Winnie’s heart is still undergoing therapy because she’s yet to wed as she had earlier mentioned.

However, despite hinting on giving Luo community some in laws, she did not indicate whether she already had a partner. This still pose a big question to interested men, willing to shoot their shots.

As reportedly noted, Winnie received numerous marriage proposals from smitten men, including a Kitale event organiser who offered 20 cows as dowry.

When shall be her right time too?

The Valentine’s day is just barely two weeks from now. Will there be a man gifted with a Lion’s heart, to suddenly shoot shots into the two royal houses?


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