Otile Brown Warns Parents, Promises to Drop New Song Soon

Kenya’s 28-year old singer Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown drops encouraging message to parents, asking them to be nice to their kids.

The independent R&B singer on his Twitter account, confessed that he has been touched and inspired by a story of a friend whom he didn’t reveal his/her identity.

However, from the sentiments that he made, the ‘Imaginary Love’s hitmaker who has famously been known across the borders of Kenya leaked out to fans that the inspiration he got is now pushing him to do a song about ‘blacktax.’

“Doing a song about #blacktax inspired by a friends story.” He wrote.

In a post which he wholly enclosed with a black coloured background perhaps to symbolize the mission he is in for; the guitarist and songwriter made a line for parents telling that some parents are to blame for the kind of depression their children go through.

Otile Brown’sTwitter post.

“Parents be nice to your kids, things be hard out here…some of y’all will lead your kids into depression and bad life decisions…” he added.

This advice comes after a noticeable length of silence from the singer. Apart from passing on a message to parents, fans of the ‘jeraha’ hitmaker are promised heaven here as they can’t wait to listen to what Otile will soon come with out from the production room


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