Raila Would Be In The State House If He Listened To Me – Kanchory

Azimio la Umoja Saitabao Kanchory, the primary presidential agent for the Kenya Coalition in the 2018 general election, has claimed that Mr. Raila Odinga’s support network is to blame for the election’s outcome.

In a Thursday morning interview with Spice FM, Mr. Kanchory further asserted that the Azimio leader disregarded his advise, which would have helped the alliance win the election. He claimed that at first, when he was chosen to be a part of Azimio’s presidential election team, he offered his opinions, but that things later changed.

“Over time, the other more qualified advisers disregarded my voice of reason, which is why we are in this predicament today. Baba would be in State House right now as we speak if he had listened to me, and he is aware of that, Mr. Kanchory remarked.

According to Mr. Kanchory, Mr. Odinga’s surroundings restricted his ability to interact with him. He claimed that the same individuals would choose who would meet with the Azimio head. Mr. Kanchory added that he is currently working on a book that will examine the most recent presidential election.

Since I’ve devoted eight chapters to Baba, the first person who needs to read that book is him, according to Kanchory, who believes that Baba will cry when he does.


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