PS To Kenyans Abroad: Over 700 US Passports Are Available For Pick Up

The United States passport has been recommended to Kenyans living abroad.

Roseline Njogu, the principal secretary for foreign and diaspora affairs, delivered the statement on Thursday. According to Njogu, the passports are available for pickup at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, DC.

“Americans of Kenyan descent, come collect your passports! At our embassy in Washington, DC, there are more than 700 passports available for pickup.” Njogu published a tweet.

She advised Kenyans who requested US passports through Washington, DC, to consult the website of the US Embassy in Kenya.

Kenyans are encouraged on the website to check their emails to verify that their passports are available for pickup. Please disregard this communication if you already got the email, the Embassy advised. A list of the tracking numbers for the passports that are available for pickup has been supplied.

They requested that customers whose tracking numbers have been listed email them a copy of the receipt for the token they received after providing their biometric data. Additionally, send an email with a pre-paid, self-addressed, stamped return envelope, rather than a regular-sized envelope, they said.

They noted that you can walk in to pick up your passport if you are in the DC area. They said, “Please bring your receipt.”


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