Pastor Kiengei Took into Surprise Mode at Altar as Church Member Celebrates His Birthday in Style

Social media influencer and radio comedian Pastor Ben alias Muthee Kiengei, lately got into a surprise mode on his 38th birthday after dancer David Moya willingly decided to gift him in church during a Sunday service.

While on the pulpit on the Sunday of 22nd January, 2023, the famed AIPCA pastor who has moved from grass to grace through hard work, was taken into tears of joy by the young female dancer in his church who brought a mountain of cake to him prior to sermon.

In a video that Kiengei shared on his social media handle, the young lady is seen countlessly walking towards the pulpit dancing flawlessly into the tunes of Moya’s hit, ‘Mi Amor.’

After gifting Kiengei with the brightly looking flowers, some chocolates and a card, David Moya also joined efforts as part of the deal to bring a huge cake to the man of God.

Consequently, the renowned Kikuyu singer Pastor Kiengei could not sustain the eruptions of joy inside him. His browny face flooded instantly as the tears of joy, like a overflown streams of water, ran down his cheeks.

On the other hand, the congregation that was gathered anxiously waiting to listen to the planned sermon, got into agape and responded in continuous cheering.

The man of God, wasn’t left speechless as he thanked the organizer’s of the small event in limitless appreciation.

He captioned the video, “@moyadavid1 Asante sana (thank you so much). This was just a surprise, kwanza time ya sermon aaaaaah.”


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