Socialite Shakila Craves for Love, Wants Any Man to Shoot His Shot

Young socialite going by the name Shakilla, has taken onto social media her lamentations that no man is showing interest in dating her.

This comes a few months, that is in November 2022, after the beautiful young and hugely followed socialite Shakila trashed the idea of being an item with any Kenyan man.

In what might seem and sound to be pricking herself on her own sword when she bragged back then that she can never date any Kenyan man, Shakila has lately brought into limelight her frustrations saying no man has since the come out to shoot shots on her for a serious relationship.

While engaging with her thousands of followers on her Instagram page, Shakila unveiled her thoughts wondering if she would end up on streets without no man to give love.

She wrote, “All my followers no one wants to enter a serious relationship with me. Was I meant to be in the streets for life.”

2-years down the line (2020) pretty Shakila gained public recognition following her claims that she had an affair with top class celebrities in the Kenya, including famous rapper Kaligraph Jones.

During those moments, she claimed to be dating a ferry-full of men and was not bothered either way.

In connection with her dating saga, she added that Nigerians are her dream men that are so generous in terms of dishing out cash.

“Nigerians are the sweetest people you can meet, they give you money and treat you well. I would never date a Kenyan guy. I am not Kenyan so I have a right to do so,” she said during live Instagram.


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