What You Didn’t Know About Gay Activist Edwin Chiloba: Past Video Emerge

The late gay activist Edwin Chiloba Kiptoo’s video has emerged. The renowned member of LGBTQ community narrates how his own biological sister threw him out of family after he officially joined modeling.

“My sister said she did not want anything to do with me,” Chiloba claimed in the video.

In the video that is currently circumnavigating over social media, the late Chiloba who had an exclusive interview with Ebru TV in November 2020 says his sister considered him a bad model to the kids.

The video displays the fashion model Mr Edwin while claiming that he never knew there was ongoing family purposive meeting, that which he was invited to attend, aimed at chasing him away from being one of them.

“Everyone disowned me in the family. They said I’m evil and cannot stay in that family because I would negatively influence their children,” Chiloba added

In his narration, the slain gay activist and fashion model Mr Edwin Chiloba confessed his extreme sufferings thereafter, which lead him into meeting his adoptive parents; Mr and Mrs Perter and Donna respectively.

It is from the two good Samaritans that Edwin found his roots back, lived his life looking upto the two as his family who accepted him after facing a home rejection.


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