Chiloba’s Murder: Michelle Ntalami Pens Marriage Advice

Businesswoman and Makina Njeri’s ex-girlfriend Mitchell Ntalami left a motivational message to individuals going through abusive relationships to show heels off as quickly as possible, not to hold on untill relationship magma erupts.

Following the sudden demise of Edwin Chiloba alleged to have been done by his lover, the beautiful CEO of Marini naturals CEO Mrs Ntalami has been vocal over the issue showing absolute remorse for her friend Chiloba.

While taking her sad feelings to her Instagram page, Michelle Ntalami gave stunning warning to everyone claiming to be in any form of relationship not to persevere abuse and violence, deceit, betrayal and jealousy.

Instead, she says these are severe warnings of a toxic relationship and are genuine reasons to make one run away.

“Sending love to everyone who’s stuck in Marriages, relationships, situation ships and friendships that are unfulfilling,” she first wrote.

She then added, “If you are constantly unhappy, unsure, there is constant conflict, deceit, jealousy, betrayal and heartbeat, I am so sorry.”

However, the said lesbian also noted that she never prejudge anyone blinded within the corridors of love and are feeling uneasy to run away despite being abused.

As a consequence, Mrs Ntalami clears on her side that she speaks on behalf of the coward society who hesitates to hold talks on such subjects.

She emphasized on selflessness urging friends to keep on checking on other friend’s relationship to monitor their goings.

“Please muster whatever strength you have left and love yourself enough to choose you. Don’t wait till you are left soulless to leave, figuratively or literally.” Said the Marino natural’s founder.


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