Bahati’s Housekeeper Irene Nekesa Enjoys Privileges: Seen Driving Bahati’s Mercedes

Irene Nekesa who works as a housekeeper for content creator Diana Marua and her husband Kevin Bahati, has today left fans wagging tongues as she shares a video of herself calmly driving her boss’ Mercedes Benz.

In the video, she is seen driving the family car which is a snow’s colour, impressively playing around with the steering wheel skillfully to the excitement of her virtual followers.

This impressive video that Irene Nekesa shared on her TikTok account, comes weeks after the beautiful mother of one got her wish fulfilled by Bahati’s family.

Last week, Irene Nekesa praised Diana Marua for being a jewel madam after Bahati’s wife made her dream to see an airplane come to reality by flying her to a vacation in Malindi.

From the look of things, having worked for a period of five years at Diana’s house has served Mrs Irene with silvery plates of bountiful privileges. The latest one being her potential to professionally drive her boss’ Mercedes Benz.

While penning her words of appreciation to her boss’ family, the beautiful house manager her stay with Bahati’s has not been in vain as they have showed her ways to generate money aside from being made an apple of the family’s eye.

“I have stayed with them (the Bahatis) for years and I would give them 90% for the love they have. They are good people…you stay with them and they show you how to make money. Another boss would not allow me to be where I am,” she said.


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