Willy Raburu’s Lover Celebrates Daughter’s Growth in Style: Turns 4 Months

Famous Citizen TV Willis Raburu’s wife Ivy Namu, has unveiled her incredible bundle of joy penning a heartwarming message for her second born daughter.

Ivy’s beautiful child going by the name Tara, just made a great milestone in her development, turning four months old today.

The lover to the famous mid-morning Citizen TV Talkshow host, Ivy Namu, could not hide her motherly joy and got overwhelmed to share how much the smiles and giggles that baby Tara gives them means to her and the entire family of Willis.

“Happy four months hunny bun Thank you for four months of bliss Yara. You have the sweetest giggles that make everyone’s days and you’re such a sweet and happy little girl, who makes our lives so beautiful,” read in the caption on the beautiful photo of Tara that the she shared on Instagram story.

However, it is not enough for a mother if a line of love is not decoratively incorporated in their statements channeled to their own babies and so, the young mother of two did ensure another her lines read love language.

She therefore added, “Mama loves you big time sweetie, you make me so proud.”

Having flaunted her new hairdo after shaving off her five-year-old dreadlocks, Mrs Namu didn’t hesitate to also post the video clips of her young jovial daughter.

In one clip, beautiful Yara is seen laughing ecstatically on a couch in a manner that would melt anyone’s heart and to even bring out a smile from any compassionate parent.

Onto another another black-and-white video clip that displays baby Yara versus the father Mr Willis Raburu, the duo are seen enjoying moments together in what is believed to be father-to-daughter bonding.

May baby Yara live to impress the world as she gets to achieve purpose for which she has been brought onto this planet.


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