Trio Mio Shares his Expectation on the 2022 KCSE Result

Kenya’s one of the youngest rappers Trio Mio has answered questions on possible fear and pressure he might have concerning the upcoming 2022 KCSE results.

The famous Trio Mio has not only been consistent in releasing good music that hits the tremors of this country, but he has also been able to balance his stay in school.

Throughout his high school life, the rapper ventured into the artistic world. He later released his debut single ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’ in his early days in school.

Henceforth, he plunged into his limelight and has stayed swimming into the pool of brightness where he reaps big in his music.

Last year, 2022, he got his name featuring in the list of candidates who sat for the KCSE and is now expecting to receive the results.

While interacting with his fans over social media, a fan reminded him that the results are about to be released inquiring to know whether he his receiving immense turmoils due to pressure of the outcome.

However, the talented rapper noted that he is not losing sleep just because of the KCSE exam, and that he is prepared in prior to receive any result.

For him, whichever the results that shall come, be is yet to take it positively.


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