Doctors Suspend Intended Strike To Give Dialogue A Chance

Following discussions with numerous stakeholders, the doctors’ strike, which was scheduled to start on Friday, has been postponed. In the event that their 2017–2021 CBA demands are not realized, the medics had threatened to stop providing services.

The decision, according to Dr. Davji Atellah, secretary general of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union, is intended to give discussion an opportunity. Speaking on Thursday at the union’s headquarters, Atellah added that the administration has expressed a desire to address the problems, which would be investigated before March 5.

“Even if we are quite far from being in agreement, we are willing to try talking. We reached out to the authorities in good faith, extending an olive branch “he said.

In an effort to find a middle ground and prevent the strike, the union has been in discussions with the Council of Governors health committee, Susan Wafula, the labor committee, and others.

They criticized the Ministry of Health, county governments, and parastatals in the health sector for their sluggish execution of the accord.

Salary modifications, the establishment of contact centers, the posting of medical interns, the hiring of unemployed graduates, the provision of working tools, and ongoing dialogues that would promote industrial harmony are just a few of their issues.


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