Justina Syokau Breaks Down In Tears Over Trolls,Wonders Why She Is Hated That Much

Controversial Gospel Musician Justina Syokau is emotionally hurt from the hate she has been receiving most specifically after releasing her new song ‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’.

Speaking in an interview with an online blogger, Justina said she recorded the song under the influence of the Holy spirit but it seems Kenyans do not understand the factors underlying the concept behind the song.

The musician got emotional explaining the meaning of the message, “2023 ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa.”

She said that people who are not under influence of the spirit will understand the song in an earthly manner which was not the intent of her song.

“My songs are a prophesy and if you believe in them things will happen to you. Governors have been calling me after my song in 2022.. They believed in the words and they were elected.”Said Justina.

Justina Syokau said she is tired of singing yet people are not appreciating her songs and 2023 is the last year she is releasing a song. She has decided to open her church and become a prophet.


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