Cate Actress Mourns Her Aunt

A sombre mood has engulfed the house of the noble and iconic Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau Karanja alias  Kate Actress this morning as she  is mourning the loss of her aunt.

The news reached the public via the actress when she shared through her social media pages today 2 January,2023.

The passing of Kate Actress’s aunt has come days after she made a public appeal for blood donation at a time her Aunt had been hospitalized.

At the moment when everyone was sharing experiences throughout 2022 as they waited to welcome a new year,the actress acknowledged the fact that in as much as the year 2022 had it’s blessings for the family,it had presented it hurdles to her family too in equal measure,the most notable one being her aunt’s illness.

“Hey, guys so 2022 was not only my best year but also the heaviest for my family and I. My beloved aunt (my second mum ) has been terminally ill, she is in dire need of blood.

“If you are O + POSITIVE please make your way to Kenyatta University referral hospital on the northern bypass. Kindly Dm me for more information. Thank you in advance,” Kate penned a few days ago.

Following the death announcement, fans and celebrities joined the conversation  sending in their heartfelt condolence messages.


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