Pritty Vishy Sends Fierce Warning to Ladies Dating Broke Men

21-years old Purity Vishenwa popularly known as Pritty Vishy, urges ladies not to dare get into the corridors of love with broke and jobless men.

The Kenyan multi-talented and fast rising socialite Vishy, nailed it strongly that broke men are good for nothing and inherit absolutely nothing to offer to ladies. Not even their last names can be theirs.

Instead, she pointed out that the perfection of such men is just but insisting that the ladies they date are their only hope, their only oxygen left to breath and their only messiah in life.

Hilariously, she acknowledged that such men will never break the fences and boundaries of love going outside their love cycle and becoming unfaithful to their partners. However, she pointed out that their loyalty not to cheat on their partners lies on the fact that they are having nothing with them to give out to other ladies.

“Don’t date a jobless guy…you will never find him cheating and he will act loyal because he is broke,” Pritty Vishy said.

Vishy is known for being one in a million ladies who have known the waist size of Kenya’s rapper Stivo Simple Boy, being his Ex-girlfriend.

Nonetheless, their break-up laid on the foundation of disloyalty that Stivo discovered from her. Perhaps, Stivo’s loyalty was as a result of being dwarfed in shillings. That is if we were to take these pieces of advice from Pritty and relate it to why they broke up.


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