MCK Wants A Prompt Investigation Into The Death Of Standard Group Journalist

The National Police Service has been urged by the Kenyan Media Council to move quickly with its probe into the killing of journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo.

The council emphasized the importance of journalists’ safety as it denounced the terrible murder of Omusolo.

They posted a statement on Twitter that read, “The National Police Service need to conduct swift investigations into the terrible act and proper action taken against the culprits.”

Before his life was taken, Omusolo worked for the Standard Group as a business journalist. On Thursday, he was discovered abandoned and dead in a ditch near Kang’undo Road in Nairobi. According to the police, they believe he was slain elsewhere and the body was placed there. Police were informed by locals that a body was lying on the side of the road next to Superloaf Company.

The Police claimed they arrived at the scene and discovered Omusolo with a deep cut on the right side of his head with blood dripping from it, The Star had earlier reported. Personal documents found in a black backpack found next to the deceased allowed for his identification. Police stated that they do not yet know the murder’s motive or potential perpetrators.


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