Raila Pro-Supporter Reveals Losing Wife to Concentrate on the Politician

If you happened to be NASA, CORD and the latest Azimio la Umoja coalition supporter, you won’t miss to know certain faces like that of Nuru Okanga. He is a renowned gentleman for his love to the ODM party leader Raila Odinga, and can go miles away for the politician.

For him, it’s not strange that he lost a soulmate only to stay single to give full support to Raila. In a recent interview with NTV, Mr Okanga revealed to the public of this naked truth but surprisingly caught the attention of people saying he has no regret letting go his rib who is perhaps enjoying her stay with another man.

Nuru Okanga, after the tale of being dumped by wife for supporting Raila Odinga, said his optimism is raised beyond the stars and believes to find a wife from Azimio team.

To some extent, he is right because birds of the same feathers flock together, so the rib has to be moulded by the clay soils from Azimio and must have to test positive for loving Raila, perhaps more than the husband. Mr Okanga must be dreaming of such a wife.

“Nilimpoteza mke wangu kwa kumuunga mkono Raila Odinga. Nina imani hapo mbele nitapata mke wa Azimio,” he said.

However, the wise says too much of something is toxic and in deed, Mr Okanga is a living testimony of what being a pro can do to someone’s life. Nonetheless, he must be feeling no gap left in his life after a declaration that he regrets not.

According to him, nothing gives him joy more than the fact that he met and talked to his favourite politician Mr Odinga.


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