What Akothee had to say after Daughter Buys Brand new Vehicle

While people wait in anticipation to receive Christmas gifts from lovers, close friends and relatives, Akothee’s daughter popularly known as Rue Baby has selflessly broken parasitic expectation today to gift herself a brand new car ahead of Christmas celebrations.

This comes few months after Akothee’s elder daughter Vesha Awuor Okello also broke into her own account to flush millions of money to purchase her second vehicle. This was in June, following her birthday celebrations.

Rue after this huge achievement at her tender age, took her joy over the social media to announce to her fans of her feelings having celebrated her festive season in style.

The model said, “My first adult milestone! Seriously can’t believe she’s mine!! Merry Christmas to me. We look good together.”

As a mother, the self-proclaimed Queen of single mothers Esther Akoth aka Akothee, didn’t fear showing the arrangements of her dental formula; as she got filled with heavier excitement seeing her daughters make huge strides in life without being dependent.

She proudly applauded her little daughter in an incomparable manner, a symbol of how mothers do get hyped with the milestones their own children make in life.

“Congratulations my love. Nothing feels good like a woman who has access, control and ownership in her life…I am proud of you mummy,” read in Akothee’s post.


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