Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy has told of the Cause of their toxic relationship

DJ Saint, Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy has spilt out on how their love journey was dismantled by other ladies. He however pours plenty of blames to his job which he says enormously contributed to their fallout.

While sharing his story on his Instagram page, the spin master said his job is inseparable with interaction with women as it involves performance on stage. This bait trapped him as ladies would oftentimes come on stage asking for a song to be played thereafter drop their pecks on his cheek innocently. But the nominated senator Karen Nyamu would get hit by stronger tsunami of jealousy hence wouldn’t put up with it.

He said, “As a Dj, I’m constantly interacting with women. A female fan can come on stage and give you a peck on the cheek as she requests for a song and Karen could not tolerate that.”

It seems DJ Saint forgot that a kiss betrayed even Christ Himself. But again, where is the woman that will be comfortable for his man to receive other ladies lipstick marks on their cheeks?

Karen’s baby daddy further disclosed that it was at this point that they started to lose their focus as chaos began visiting their relationship frequent times. He added that they quarreled daily creating tension that led to a bitter fallout.

“It was fights ma fights, and for me to decide to leave we had got to a point of no return. Every time was an argument and I felt it wasn’t fair for us to raise our child in that environment,” Dj Saint continued to narrate.

Despite reiterating how incredible and best mother Karen is as they corporate in parenting their only one fruit of their love, DJ Saint did not step back not to undress Karen’s biggest weakness.

”Like she would tell me not to come home at 3 am and the following day she comes at that same time. I think that is the main reason she is having problems with her relationship.” He further stated saying this must be so difficult for the nominated senator’s current lover.


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