Pritty Vishy Cries Over Immense Cyber Bullying

This morning, Kenyan video creator and actress Pritty Vishy has publicly lamented on being a victim of cyber bullying. Something she says has tempted her to quit what she loves doing most as insults on her chubby body intensively grows on a daily basis.

Perhaps the world no longer recites sayings that beauty still lies on the eyes of the beholder. If not so, we wouldn’t be seeing tears of beautiful Pritty Vishy rolling down her face on claims of cyber bullying.

In a long message that she shared on her Instagram stories, the 21-years old Pritty Vishy who happens to already know the circumference of the waist of Stivo Simple Boy, revealed that she has been passing through sharp and bitter turns and twists but lacks shoulder to lean on.

If wishes were horses that beggars would ride on, the young Vishy could create her own body, shaped in the most attractive way that could leave a long queue of men following after her like a swam of bees going on a bright petaled flower. She would even make every man desperate for a hug on her tender body.

“I wish I would have the good body that they all love, because of having a chubby body everywhere you go people just insult you.” Read in the text she shared on her Instagram story.

The act of cyber bullying not only nails deeper into Pritty Vishy alone. It’s a deadly disease that almost left comedian Mulamwah without esteem in the year 2020. It is as dangerous as the whip of COVID-19 that almost swept half the population of the world. We don’t assume that it’s a gone case though. If a survey was to be conducted today, a mammoth of a crowd overflowing the Kasarani and Nyayo stadium combined would come out to testify different extreme cases of cyber bullying they’ve at some point gone through in life.

Let’s preach the overwhelming gospel on the campaign to stop cyber bullying and hopefully, we know that Pritty Vishy will get the strength to stand firm on the ground and overcome what she has been going through so that she can continue doing what she loves most.


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