Frida Kajala Hints Moving On With A Kenyan Days after Breaking up with Harmonize

The trend to move on and heal in the next relationship is what creates room for more breakup. I wish love would be a subject incorporated in the school curriculum, some of us will exceed expectations and will finally avoid fracturing of heart dubbed ‘character development’ due to ignorance.

In the recent past, Fridah Kajala who was known to be bongo flava Artiste Harmonize’s love, took her regrets on social media for being a fool to forgive and love Harmonize back. Funny enough, she cried crocodile tears in her first heartbreak but a gift of a vehicle was enough to make her forget a heart has no spare parts. She finally got into the same bait that trapped her.

This is what led to the recent ‘character development.’ But did she learn? It ought to be a lesson, but to her, it seems to be a ladder onto the next relationship. If it mean gifts can make ladies enjoy being cheated on, I’m sure several men are packing enough vehicle keys in their stores to keep reopening broken hearts.

Today the mother of one, Mrs Frida Kajala has taken to share a story on her Instagram asking Kenyan men to take over from where Harmonize left it barely two days ago. Quick and swift, Kajala has just hinted her diary today, saying she will be enjoying her vacation in Kenya after the church service.

In that regard, calls Kenyan men who have always had an eye on her before to have eyes widen open. I wish she knew some of us have eagle’s eyes and will go with a hen and the chick. It is Kenya.

Nakuja Kenya kuwaona Wanaonimezea mate. Kenyan men are you ready for me?” She wrote.

Frida Kajala post on Instagram story

But anyway, may the fastest predator find the prey. It’s just that in Kenya, every predator is fast and millions of them call reach to one prey altogether.


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