Former Jumia Kenya Executives Unveil Kapu As New E-Commerce Platform

Former Jumia Kenya executives have formally launched a new e-commerce platform dubbed, Kapu to help consumers cut spend on their everyday groceries.

Kapu’s model is designed to allow customers to buy products in the quantities they want offering a larger range than a kiosk.

The platform will offer a variety of products including quality fresh produce from Kenyan farms, at wholesale prices.

Goods will then be delivered for free the next day, to a Kapu Agent collection center near your home.

“We think it’s unfair that consumers in Kenya spend 40 per cent of their income on food, when Americans spend 6 per cent. This is a huge blocker to social mobility. Our goal at Kapu is to build the most relevant model of e-commerce for the majority of urban consumers in Africa,” said Kapu CEO Sam Chappatte.

Kapu’s model relies on reducing the cost burden on consumers by sourcing products directly from manufacturers and farms.

With a large range, buyers get to choose what they need and in the quantity that suits their pockets; through the platform, customers can access lower prices if they place the order as a group.

“By working with existing community groups and local entrepreneurs, we believe we can play a part in reducing the costs of goods, and unlocking opportunities for millions of people,” said Chappatte.

Kapu agents include mama mbogas, salons, stay-at-home-mums and students, who are able to earn an extra income – whilst helping their communities save more.

Customers who want to try the service can dial *789*8# to register and get Sh50 cash back on their first order. Once registered, they can place an order with a KAPU-branded agent in their neighbourhood.


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