IEBC Vice Chairperson Juliana Cherera Resigns

This morning, the IEBC Vice Chair Juliana Cherera has voluntarily presented a resignation letter to the office of the President, becoming the second IEBC Commissioner to resign after Francis Nyangaya

While making her final stay at the commissioner’s office, Mrs Cherera made it crystal clear that the pressure to throw her out of office has been immense lately leaving her in a matter of life and death. According to her, they are being misjudged and their cumulative actions done in good faith are being misinterpreted by the public.

However, she didn’t forget to recognize her industry since joining the commission.

“Since joining the commission, I have dispensed my duties diligently, meticulously and put a spirited effort in helping the commission deal with corporate governance issues under very difficult circumstances,” read in the letter.

Further, she noted that as the deputy chair of the commission, she made it her duty to advocate for fair treatment and equal opportunity for all staff.

Due to the immense pressure that keeps mounting on her, Cherera noted her decision to vacate the office is sound having sought to hear from her family and lawyers. She pointed out that her stay is nolonger tenable bearing in mind the current events happening at the commission.

In conclusion, Cherera credited His Excellency Hon. Dr William Samoei Ruto, The President of the republic of Kenya for the opportunity that he accorded to Cherera to serve.

Cherera’s resignation letter

Despite all these, Kenyans are still on the look to see if the two other commissioners will also resign and if so, will the tribunal continue? That remains the puzzle


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