Dida, Sultana Series Actress, Warms Heart Of Followers With Sweet New Month Message

An actress popularly known as ‘Dida’ in ongoing Sultana series in the Citizen TV, has blossomed the hearts of her followers following a sweet new month message that she dropped to her followers, early this morning in form of pictures and texts.

The famous stunning actress has shared her joy via her official Facebook page leaving posts of lovely photos of her husband, her two gorgeous children and herself. From the look of things, she doubtlessly seems to be a happily married lady enjoying the company, love and unity of her family.

During this festive season, the actress has used her platform to motivate her esteem followers to do the best in their lives not to miss it all. This is a sign that Dida is driven to encourage her followers to be rational as well as actualize themselves in terms of their decision making capacity during this month of December.

Happy New month Humans. From mine to yours. Don’t go through this month without living it,” reads the caption of the post.

Despite being a cancer survivor, Dida looks fresh and healthy, likeable with the entire family she has. Based on her sentiments, Dida’s family Cherish her the most, treats her so precious and are protective of her well being.

Don’t you ever mess with me, I have a backup,” she further added.

Dida, in the ongoing series, plays a role of being the only daughter of Buya. However, her true and real name is Bwire Ndubi as it is in her Facebook Official page.


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