YY Comedian Apologizes For His Negative Comments On Kenrazy’s Ratecard

YY comedian had earlier on joked that places unable to afford booking Willy Paul can book Timmy Tdat who will also come with Kenrazy as a bonus.

YY comedian has however apologized for the joke that seemingly mocked Kenyan Musician Kenrazy’s Rate Card.

In an interview with Plug TV, YY had mentioned that Willy Paul’s high rate card prevents him from performing in many places.

He continued to say that places that cannot afford to book Willy Paul can book Timmy Tdat who will be accompanied by Kenrazy as a bonus.

“Kama tusipokuafford, tutaita Timmy Tdat na atakuja Hadi na Kenrazy na 40k.”He said.

Kenrazy however did not take the joke lightly. He felt that the comedian decreased his value and dignity by the comments and called the comedy out in a long emotional message through his social media.

“I have been working hard to build my craft daily and so I can’t accept such statement coming from a person like you. Just to be sincere umenikosea sana coz of all the people, I thought you know better. You see me work daily with no favours or nothing from this industry and raising a family for all those years so trashing me is unacceptable.”He wrote.

In response through an online video, YY Comedian said he apologizes for taking the joke too far. He said he is sorry for teasing Kenrazy and making him feel bad.


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