Daddy Owen Says He Does Not Want A Woman In His Life,Reveals He Has Been Celibate For Two Years

Kenyan gospel singer Daddy Owen has revealed that he is currently not interested in women as he does not with to have a wife after his divorce.

Speaking in an interview with Ankali Ray, the singer boldly confirmed that he is certain that a woman is what he least needs as he stressed that infact he does not even need a woman for anything.

Staying out of a relationship for him is the best idea since he is contented with the life he is living now.

” Sitaki mwanamke, wa nini Sasa? Nimekuwa sawa !It has been two years! Kama ni mtoto ninaye…I don’t need a woman in my life ,for what reason will i need one by the way? I have been okay and its been two years of celibacy! and i have a kid too!”.He said.

According to the musician, marriage fulfills the purpose of having children and he already fulfilled that in his previous relationship.

He added that he is busy with his life and at his age, he is appreciating what he already has.


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