Comedian Arap Uria Lands A Great Deal,Flies Out For The World Cup

Big move for Comedian Meshack Kiptoo Biwott popularly known as Arap Uria and also self proclaimed ‘the Peter Drury of Kenya’, as is among Kenyans who will be priviledged to travel to Doha, Qatar to watch the world cup live.

The comedian, brought to the limelight through his mimicking of the English football commentator Peter Drury, is set to engage in a campaign sponsored by Superspot that will see football fans lip-sync world cup commentary on TikTok in bid to create memorable moments from the tournament.

In Qatar, Uria hopes to meet the man he has revered for a long time,Peter Drury. The comedian will be carrying his two mugs and a sieve which gave him recognition as he takes part in the world cup challenge.

Earlier this year Uria had a chance to be on a virtual call with Peter Drury where he had engagement with his idol who made a light moment of his acting skills.

“I’m over here in Doha to witness the World Cup draw… Listen, I love what you do. I hope you’re laughing with me not at me, I must say I’m certainly laughing with you, it’s terrifically funny, it’s superb!” Drury stated.

Drury went on to add that it was his wish to ever meet the comedian one on one.

“Football shouldn’t be taken too seriously, just seriously enough and with all the passion that you have shown for it. I do love your work and I do hope one day we’ll get to meet each other face-to-face and you can teach me how to commentate,” Drury added.


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