Eddie Kenzo Banned From Performing In Uganda

Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo has been banned from performing within his home country.

This is after event organizer Luba events petitioned the court to ban the singer from performing in Uganda.They moved to court and sued Eddy Kenzo for bleach of contract.

Luba events had claimed that Kenzo disregarded a contract where they were supposed to organize his just concluded ‘Eddy Kenzo Festival ‘.

This scandal dates back to 2020 when Eddy Kenzo had hired Luba events for his Eddie Kenzo Festival which was supposed to happen in 2020 but was restricted by COVID-19 pandemic but Eddy Kenzo promised they would organize his show after the pandemic.

In his 2022 show, Eddy Kenzo however hired a different organizer and failed to fulfill the agreement he had made to Luba events back then.

The event organizer said they used millions of shillings to organize for his 2020 show.

The court ruled in favor of the event organizer and banned the singer from performing in Uganda.

“An interim order is issued restraining the Respondent, his agents, workmen, assignees, managers, promoters, and anyone claiming under him from purporting to perform the Eddy Kenzo Festival or any musical shows/events/festival anywhere in the Republic of Uganda until the determination of a substantive Application for a Temporary Injection vide Miscellaneous Application No. 1572 of 2022. The Application abides by the outcome of the main cause.”


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