Zuchu Disappointed After Only 48 People Attended Her Concert In Houston

Zuchu is nothing close to happiness as far as this weekend is concerned!

The Tanzanian Musician is heartbroken after her first show in Houston Texas failed terribly.

Zuchu has announced through her Instagram that she is extremely heartbroken since she had great expectations but everything didn’t go according to her plans.

“As an artist, nobody ever prepares you for moments like this. My show in Houston Didn’t Go as planned.” She wrote.

She admitted that she cried but the failure has given her strength to work harder and deliver more in the future.

“I am crying and sobbing right now though am grateful it has given me more energy to work harder.I ACCEPT FAILING AS A PART OF MY SUCCESS.”

In addition, Zuchu said she even questioned her career at some point but she is glad she was chosen as an example so that the journey will be easier for those who come behind her.

The musician also thanked the 48 people who showed up to her show .


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