Cashy Karimi Wins Court Case Against Khalighraph Jonnes

Kenyan rapper Cashy Karimi who is the baby mama to Khaligraph Jones has revealed that she won a court case relating to the custody and child support of her son Xolani against the rapper.

Cashy had gone public about Khaligraph Jones denying child support. The two were in a back and forth and in the process, Khaligraph wanted custody of the child. She had also been dragged in court for tarnishing the rappers name.

“The Weapons that formed against us did not prosper. The whole year they tried to take my baby away from me but God delivered justice for Xolani when it seemed impossible. They tried to deny his presence and rights, but God is faithful. They dismissed, discouraged, threatened, insulted, and labeled me, did the most to humiliate and intimidate me who is God?”Cashy wrote.

She added that she always believed her son deserved the best from his parents but in the process of fighting for his rights, she lost friends, peace of mind, work opportunities and even her music career.

In conclusion she thanked God for delivering justice and humbling those who were against her in court.

“It cost me work opportunities, music, friendships and relationships, time, weight, and nearly my sanity because I believed from the start my boy deserves love and care. God has proven him worth it… and humbled the big men in court. A true testimony. God is faithful.”She wrote


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