Bahati Reacts To Wife’s Dirty Past Confessions

Bahati will stick to his wife come rain come sunshine!

That is singer Kelvin Bahati aka Bahati Kenya who has finally spoken responding to his wife,Diana B’s confession of dating multiple men for money gains.

The ‘My Beginning’ singer vowed to stick by his beloved wife and mother of three, come rain come sunshine.He maintained that their union was consecrated by the almighty till eternity.

“This is my wife. The one God chose for me. I love the way you are so genuine and I am happy that you don’t pretend to look perfect” Stated Bahati.

This comes as many thought Bahati would be shaken by the confession but to the contrary,they were totally wrong. He went against the grain and heaped praise on Diana B as a true inspiration for other women who are stuck in similar situations.He pointed out God’s work in her life and looked forward to more elevation.

“keep being true to yourself and to God, that is the only way you will inspire more and more women out here.. Babe I love you and the doings of the Lord in your life have just started. Be prosperous in Jesus name. I love you my love” Added Bahati.


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