“I Have Never Been Dumped”-Tanasha Donna Brags

Kenyan pop singer Tanasha Donna revealed to her fans on an Instagram Live session on November 17 that she has never been dumped.

In a question and answer session that looked more of a discussion,Tanasha had talks with fans about what dating looks like as she stated how she preferred her dates to be.

“I like my boundary. I like to have my own space unless I get married. And even then, I like to still have my own life because to be in love, and when you love someone, doesn’t mean they become your whole world.”Tanasha explained.

She continued to say,“You are part of my world, not my whole world, because I have friends I love. I have my family. I have my relationship with Allah, and I have my son.I have a whole other side of me, so you become part of my world. You don’t become my entire world, and that’s where things get toxic.”

This is the point when she noted that her preference in dating makes it difficult for her to tolerate anything and everything as she walks out whenever she is served less than she deserves.

“Honestly speaking, I’m not trying to brag but I’ve never been dumped in my life. Never. It’s just the truth I have never been dumped,I’m the one who lives maybe because I feel certain needs are not being met or I feel like we’re not aligning on the same page or something like that.”She said.

Her comments came after her breakup with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz in which she was the one who walked out.


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