Anerlisa Muigai Bashes Diana Marua For Revealing Her Dirty Past

Keroche Breweries heiress and socialite Anerlisa Muigai told off YouTuber and rapper Diana Marua for revealing to the world that she used to date married men for money.

Anerlisa’s response came after Diana and her husband claimed she revealed her past lifestyle to inspire women who were afraid of what society would say about them, especially when they wanted to settle down in marriage and have children afterward.

She also called on women not to bury their dreams in the face of society, making it look impossible for them to have a good life even if they dated married people.

“I thought I should write something to speak to many women and girls who follow me and look up to me. Girls who have dreams but don’t know where to start despite hardships still know what they want to become.I opened up about my past in this video because God has lifted me to inspire my generation, and I also strongly believe that true role models don’t only tell their sweet stories but their sad ones too,” said Diana B.

In reaction to Diana’s explanations, Anerlisa believed that she should have kept this matter private, considering she was now publicly known as a wife and mother.

“Nothing against Diana. I am one of the people who admire her as a mum, but why the need to come out right now? The sad truth is that people will go straight to the body count…my point of view is that after being a mother and having a man that has accepted all your flaws, this kind of information should be kept private.Your past sometimes can get people viewing you differently, even if it’s to help people and if you want to tell the story, use ‘a friend’ as a reference. The message will be heard,” said Anerlisa.


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