Pastor T Calls Out Catholic Priests Involved In Blessing The New Quiver Lounge Branch

“SHAME SHAME! Christianity is becoming irrelevant to the youth and incoming generations because the tenet and values of our faith are being diluted by the very custodian.”Pastor T has written.

This is in relations to the viral video whereby two catholic priests carried Holy water in a basin and sprinkled it in the premises where quiver lounge sits as a crowd followed behind.

The Pastor has come out to condemn the afforedescribed two catholic priests who dedicated and blessed the new Quiver Lounge branch in Kenol.

In a long post on Facebook,he urged the Catholic Bishop Clergy to come out and join in the condemnation of such acts from church leaders.

” I hope the Catholic Bishop clergy will come out to condemn such actions and activity because it’s not in line with our biblical ethics and doctrine.”Read part of his statement.

The pastor claimed that Quiver Lounge as a club is a base of immorality and a place that will contribute to broken marriages, unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

In his statement he added that although Jesus interacted with sinners according to the Bible, he did not bless sin implying that a nightclub is a sin in it’s own.

The pastor also condemned the act of blessing clubs, brothels and drug houses in the name of business as he trashed the argument extracted from the bible that Jesus turned water into wine.He went on to explain that Jesus turned water into good wine that had zero alcohol components.

Pastor T Mwangi is a celebrated youth evangelist who is known for articulate and sound youth related biblical teachings and their application in the real life.


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