Governor George Natembeya Promises A Job For The Nurse Captured Entertaining Children in Hospital

Trans Nzoia governor George Natembeya has pledged to offset tuition fees for the nurse who was entertaining a sickly child in the hospital.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral after it was shared by Dr. Rowena Njeri,the nurse is seen dancing to her child patient with the famous children song dubbed ‘baby shark’,a gesture that seemingly brought smiles on the patient’s face.

Through his social media,Natembeya has assured that the nurse will get an internship and job in order to serve as a paediatric nurse.

“I have pledged to offset her tuition fees for the remaining period of her studies, further ensure she gets an internship and finally be absorbed to serve as a paediatric nurse. Congratulations Elizabeth Robai your effort and dedication have paid off,” Natembeya posted.

The 22 year- old Elizabeth Robai Lukelesia is a student at Kenya Medical Training institute (KMTC) Kitale.

Natembeya’s move follows calls from people to reward the ‘dancing’ nurse by giving her a permanent and pensionable job.

In a recent interview,Robai said that motivating her patients is very natural and an inborne passion.

“The inspiration is very natural, not driven by anything. I have a program called Project Transformational Dance ministries [TDM] where I dance in the hospital. I love dancing for fun, especially to cheer up the patients. Mostly, I dance when administering drugs to my patients.”She said.


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