Eric Omondi And Girlfriend Suffer Miscarriage

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that his girlfriend, Lynne suffered a miscarriage on November 7, 2022.

Taking to his social media page,Eric discloses that they lost their unborn child after being in the hospital for over five hours as he encouraged his woman to stay strong.

“Last night was one of the longest nights in my life. We fought for over 5 hours to try and save our little Angel but God had other plans.We never met you but we sure felt you and will Forever Love you. Respect to all the Women, no man on earth has that kind of strength.Lynne stay strong…It is well,” he wrote.

The comedian went on to share a heartbreaking video of him and Lynne while still in the hospital.

Eric Omondi and girlfriend Lyyne had been keeping their pregnancy private until Tuesday,Nov 8th when they announced the loss of their unborn.


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