Abel Mutua Says His Wife Is Free To Move On If He Dies Before Her

Kenyan storyteller and Actor Abel Mutua has said that his wife Judy Nyawira has absolute freedom to remarry or date if he dies before her.

In a recent Q & A on Joy Ride Podcast, The father of one said that he already had talks with his wife on the issue snd that he told her that she don’t have to mourn him forever as he will already have finished his work on earth.

“Ni kitu tushaidiscuss, nikamshow please move on juu usikae hapo ukiniomboleza na mimi nishamaliza kazi yangu hapa, imagine move on. Kama kuna mjamaa huko anakufinyia finyia macho, aiii, kwani ni kesho….(It is a thing we have already discussed and I’ve advises her to move on and not keep mourning my demise since my business on earth will be done. Give a chance to anyone hitting on you)” he said.

The couple has been together for 14 years and married for 8 years.

Few months ago, Abel Mutua said his wife Nyawira is free to walk out of their marriage anytime she feels it’s too much.The actor said there is no way he can fully make his wife happy forever.

The couple again went ahead to reveal their future plans.


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