Diana Bahati And Husband Welcome Their Third Child

Content creator and rapper Diana Bahati together with her musician husband Bahati have welcomed their third child at a Nairobi hospital.

Diana was in company of her husband Bahati throughout the birth process.

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, Diana revealed that she gave birth to the baby girl on Tuesday at 10:52am.

The mother of three now went on to reveal that the baby’s name is Malaika Bahati and that she was born weighing 3.5kgs.

Diana had previously disclosed that this has been the toughest pregnancy journey she has had to go through, expressing all gratitude to the Almighty for seeing her through it.

The couple already has two children together; Heaven and Majesty.

Bahati however has another child from a previous relationship,Mueni Bahati and adopted another from the children’s home where he was raised,Morgan Bahati.


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