Terence Creative On Why His Wife Will Not Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative has said he will not allow his wife Milly Chebby to undergo any surgical weight loss shortcuts.

He went on to explain the weigh-loss procedure he will rather consider to practice with his wife.

This comes a few days after Milly Chebby announced that she was eyeing a gastric bypass procedure to help her shed some weight.Her friend Jackie Matubia had gone through the same procedure.

Milly had however discloses that her husband Terence Creative was against her plans.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve early today,comedian Terence said the couple has come to a consensus and have decided to be working out.

“We refused to go through the surgery process to reduce our weight. My wife and I have been working out and we are very fit,” he said.

“There are various procedures we can undergo, like liposuction, Gastric bypass among others. But for us, we want to do a procedure that will allow us to continue working out,” he continued.

Terence went on saying that matters of their weight had nothing to do with what they do online since the former does not in anyway affect the latter.He added that being fat does not translate to being unhealthy.

“We are not modeling or on social media to please everyone. Your husband or wife loves you just the way you are. When we look at health issues, there are people who are big but are also very healthy and fit, others are very tiny but are unhealthy.”Said Terence.

Terence did not absolutely ignore the need to shed weight as he said that it is agreeable that with their age,they are advised to shed some weight and he was already on track.

“I do 5km plus every day and I am very fit. But as we age, we have health specialists who tell us what to eat and we need to tone down a bit.”He said.


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