Akothee Accused Of Snatching Her Mzungu Boyfriend From Another Kenyan Woman

Akothee has always been known for publicizing almost every aspect of her life especially her businesses,family and relationships.

The latest agenda in most of her social media pages is about her mzungu boyfriend.

Ever since she got her Mzungu Lover, Akothee makes sure she posts photos together with the guy whose name has remained unknown to the public.Akothee has instead named him Omondi.

Recently, she even confessed to be deeply in love with Omondi claiming that if she fails to get pregnant for him, she will be the greatest fool.This only means that the singer and mother of five is ready to get pregnant for Omondi the mzungu.

However,it seems Akothee has had it rough throughout the weekend,ensuring that she keeps records straight after her relationship with the mzungu lover was put in line.

Akothee has been accused of snatching Omondi from a lady who was innocently engaging her for business only to lose her lover(Omondi) to Akothee.

According to reports, Akothee snatched this guy from another lady who resides from Mt. Kenya.

It has been reported that Omondi and the mount Kenya lady wanted to start a touring company in Kenya and the lady linked him with Akothee since she had little knowledge in the sector and believed Akothee would be of great help since she has been in that industry for years.

After several meetings, Akothee started acknowledging how lovely the guy was claiming she had bagged a new lover who failed to return back to his previous girlfriend.

Photos posted on social media by a Facebook source showed the guy with the same outfit when with Akothee and and also with the other girl as evidence that he was with them though at different times.

Akothee has however claimed that they met in Switzerland and whatever is going viral is a false narrative.She added that people should ask her mzungu boyfriend where his Mt.Kenya lady is.

The issue has angered a section of her fans while others praises her for stealing the mzungu from the lady claiming that the lady should just move on amd let them be.


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